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G450 – Microtector II

Small , Economic & Reliable


Watertight Design

The compact and lightweight 4-Gas Detector  G450  measures H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles in ambient air.    Its functional and watertight design (IP67) meets
all requirements of harsh environments.

Easy Handling

The big graphic display provides clear reading of all detection values.  The simple menu drive allows an intuitive handling of the 280 gram detector.

Longlife Sensors

Expected sensor life is up to 5 years, depending on sensor.  The long sensor life minimize your cost of ownership.

Long Operation Time

Depending on the frequency of alarms and sampling cycles the operational time is up to 24 hours (with 4 sensors).  The batteries are recharged after only four hours.

Perfect Alarm System

The extremely loud audible alarm (103 dB in 30cm) and bright all-round LEDs provide a reliable warning from gas hazards.   With changing alarm status, the display changes its  color  from  green  to  orange or red.  The detector allows to set up to three alarm levels.  The pre-alarm can be reset, the main alarm is latching.

Attachable Motorized Pump (Optional)

Inaccessible areas, like tanks and containers, can contain lethal gas mixtures.   To be able to detect these gases in such areas,  G450  offers  an optional attachable  high- performance pump that can sample the gas from up to 100 metres away.

Data Logger (Optional)

The loop data logger records gas concentrations and alarms over a period of up to 50 hours.   This data can be transferred to a PC to be displayed and evaluated.   The data logger has a storage capacity of 1800 measuring points per gas.  Storing intervals and
mode (average, peak, instantaneous values) are programmable individually.