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We, Innovative Engineering Co.,Ltd. are a skilled distributor of Flame Safeguard Control and Industrial Process Control instruments. We have a long experience in sale, service, designing and installation of control systems for factories and OEMs, including counseling them in their project works. Safety and productivity in customers' operation is our business objective.

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Key Products

 Series 7800 Burner Control  RA890 Protectorelay  Digital Controller  Circular Chart Recorder  Strip Chart Recorder
 Series_7800_Burner_Control  RA890_Protectorelay  Digital_Controller  Circular_Chart_Recorder  Strip_Chart_Recorder
 Paperless Recorder  L404 Pressure Switch  C6097 Gas/Air Pressure Switch  Modutrol Motor  Industrial Burner
 Paperless_Recorder  L404_Pressure_Switch  C6097_Gas_Air_Pressure_Switch  Modutrol_Motor  Industrial_Burner
 Shut Off Valve
  • Allanson
  • Askey
  • Calex
  • Comet System
  • Fema
  • Honeywell
  • ITT McDonnell
  • Lamborghini
  • Maxon
  • Palmer Wahl
  • Satronic
  • Sensus
  • Suntec
  • Tecno Control
  • Tecnosoft
  • Westwood
  • Dickson

allansonFor over 80 years, the Canadian manufacturer ALLANSON has provided high quality, reliable, and dependable Ignition Transformer to the heating industry.   ALLANSON has been emphasizing on research and development of new products to help improve customers’ comfort.   With this determination, ALLANSON has prospered and grown into a respected Ignition Transformer manufacturer in North America.

AskeyASKEY is the manufacturer of KEYTAG , a low cost, good quality, compact Humidity and Temperature Data Logger from Netherlands.   With the size of a credit card, KEYTAG is a nice solution to the transportation of products or materials which are sensitive to humidity and temperature changes such as food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medical, and HVAC ones.
Other than KEYTAG, ASKEY also produces many economical Data Loggers to meet various demand of transportation sectors.

CalexCALEX is a specialist of Infrared Thermometer and Infrared Temperature Sensor from England with 30 years experience.   Whether customers are looking for a single temperature sensor or a complete temperature measurement and control system, CALEX can always meet their needs.

Comet-SystemthumbCOMET  SYSTEM  is a fast-growing manufacturer of Humidity / Temperature Transmitter and Datalogger from Czech Republic.  The company ‘s good quality instruments are installed in many important locations, such as Prague Castle, Czech National Museum, Czech National Gallery as well as hundreds of companies all over the world.

FemathumbFEMA is a brand under HONEYWELL from Germany that has 65 years experience in pressure, temperature, and flow control in industry.   Its product portfolio contains Pressure Switch, Pressure Transmitter, Thermostat, Temperature Transmitter, Flow Switch, and Solenoid Valve.   Many product series are also available in Ex-approved versions.

honeywellthumbHONEYWELL is a Fortune 100 company from USA that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, including more than 19,000 engineers and scientists, it has an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything it makes and does.

HONEYWELL is a market leader in Industrial Process Measurement & Control (Measuring and controlling temperature, pressure, flow, level, humidity, etc.) and Combustion Control of burners for boilers, furnaces, incinerators, kilns, crematories, etc.   It offers a complete portfolio of products which are quality filled, highly reliable, environmental friendly, safe and easy to use.

ITT-McDonnellthumbMcDonnell & Miller is a brand under the USA company group  ITT Corporation ‘s Residential and Commercial  Water division which boasts 150-year history in bringing comfort and convenience to the lives of people around the world through remarkable solutions that enable the efficient movement and use of water.
Having pioneered the industry's boiler water level regulations, McDonnell & Miller is practically responsible for every major development in boiler level control engineering since 1924 and is considered the foremost expert in Boiler Controls, Liquid Level Controls, and Air/Liquid Flow Switch.

LamborghinithumbLamborghini Calor is a company owned by the founder of famous sport car brand – Lamborghini.   With engineering innovation, exhaustive research, and strict quality control, Lamborghini Calor was able to reach the leading position of Burner, Hot Water Boiler, and Hot Air Generator manufacturer on the Italian market in just a few years.   Today, Lamborghini Calor is renowned all over the world for the high quality of its products which are certified by many regulatory agencies such as   CE , IQNet , TUV , DVGW , etc.

maxonthumbMAXON is one of the world ‘s leading manufacturer of industrial burner from USA that has been a leader in the market since 1915.  With MAXON ‘s unique technologies, all of its burners provide clean, safe, and efficient heat. The burners are also durable, fuel saving, and environmental  friendly.  MAXON has various models of gas burner, oil burner, and low-nox burner which can meet or exceed customers’ expectations everytime.   MAXON also offers complete combustion systems and components which consist of Shut Off Valve, Flow/Ratio Control Valve, Blower, Control Panel and Gas Train System.

Palmer-WahlthumbPALMERWahl  is America ‘s first manufacturer of industrial temperature and pressure instruments whose history can trace back to 1836.   Since that time, PALMERWahl has steadily evolved along with USA ‘s industrial sector.   Today it is an USA ‘s major source of Process Thermometer, Infrared Thermometer, Temperature Recording Label, Thermal Imager, Thermowell, Pressure Gauge, Pressure / Temperature / Volume Chart Recorder, etc.

SatronicthumbSATRONIC is a brand under HONEYWELL from Switzerland that is specialized in the control of gas and oil burners.   SATRONIC is prominent with economically priced and good quality products which consist of Burner Control Box, UV/IR Flame Detector, Flame Relay, Ignition Transformer, Oil Preheater, etc.

Sensus-LogoSENSUS is an USA manufacturer of Gas Regulator, Gas Meter, and Safety Relief Valve that has more than 100 years background in helping customers improve operational efficiency, save energy and reduce environmental impact.

suntecthumbSUNTEC located in France, has been designing, manufacturing and selling Oil Burner Pumps since 1934.   Its products’ robustness, reliability, energy saving and environment conserving have earned SUNTEC the position of world leader.   Today, SUNTEC is the largest supplier of Oil Burner Pumps, with 80% market share in the USA.

Tecno-ControlthumbTECNOCONTROL, an Italian manufacturer, has been exploiting creativity, specialization, state-of-the art technologies in manufacturing Gas Detector and Combustion Analyzer.   Today TECNOCONTROL instruments are enhancing gas safety and boilers combustion efficiency of many households, labs, hospitals and plants in Italy and other countries.

TecnosoftthumbThe Italian TECNOSOFT ‘s Humidity and Temperature Data Loggers have satisfied the diverse requirements of operators in pharmaceutical, food, energy industries and transporation sectors since 2003.   TECNOSOFT has continually expanded its range of Dataloggers in order to cover each and every aspect of production and process control.

WestwoodthumbWESTWOOD is one of the largest sources for Oil Burner accessories and instruments for the heating industry in North America.   WESTWOOD manufactures and supplies a variety of brands such as AUBURN Ignition Electrode and Flame Rod, RAJAH Transformer and Ignition Terminals, NYLO-FLEX Oil Burner Couplings, TIGERLOOP Oil De-Aerator, WESTWOOD Ignition Cable, Gauge Glass, Fuel Oil Filter, Thermostat Guards, etc.

landisLANDIS&GYR, a brand under SIEMENS from Germany, is a manufacturer of high quality Combustion Controls for burners and boilers with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.  All of its products are specifically designed to optimize process performance, minimize costs, simplify installation, and ensure safe operation.


DICKSON is an American manufacturer of premium Data Logger and Chart Recorder for Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity.   DICKSON products ensure users that their foods are stored at government mandated temperatures, that their prescription drugs and vaccines are formulated in correct environment conditions.   They also keep HVAC systems in airports, hospitals, museums, and other public buildings running efficiently.